Peyton Manning All Set for Season Debut

There’s never been a question before of whether or not Peyton Manning could produce as an NFL quarterback, but there is a question of whether he can take a hit.

Manning last played in the 2010 campaign and has been catering to some neck injuries ever since.

Tonight at Soldier Field against the Chicago Bears and Jay Cutler, all Denver and Peyton fans will find out if this quarterback truly is a soldier.

A neck injury is not to be taken lightly in this combatic sport and especially for a quarterback who practically has a bullseye on his chest.

Manning is particularly adept at avoiding sacks,  and most likley he will only be on the field tonight for a short amount of plays. Those few plays will be a huge tell as to whether he can bounce back from this serious injury and get back into stride with the NFL system.

Throughout training camp Peyton has proven that he can still zip the ball around accurately to his young group of receivers.

With a fused vertebrae, Manning will try and perform just like before when he was effortlessly great for over a decade on the Colts. Manning caused a free-agency frenzy this past off season and now it is time to see if he was worth all the fuss.

At age 36, recovering from multiple neck surgeries is going to be an uphill battle for this athlete. This future Hall-of-Famer is out to prove to everyone that he can still play football and take a hit. In his first game in over 19 months, Peyton will take the field tonight and set out to display his talents in the little time he’ll have in action.

Manning will only be playing with the starting linemen on offense tonight and that’s just the Broncos playing smart, not catering to his injuries as they’ve assured the public that if he wasn’t medically-cleared  to play he wouldn’t be playing.

With just a few short series’ of playing time in tonight’s preseason game, Peyton will have a little more pressure on him to perform. For the last decade Peyton had experienced nothing but consistency, now we’ll be able to see how he handles change.

If this season’s change hasn’t shaken up his abilities on the field, the Broncos just might have the impact quarterback they need to take this franchise where they want to go.


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